Why People like us?

"Professionalism is the key of our Business"

We can provide perfect-fitting custom clothing to any man and women, anywhere in the world. If you've never worn clothing that was made just for you, you're not alone Chinese Costume tailor present you the higher-quality, perfect-fitting clothes with the best Italian and English fabrics.

Who We Are?

"Our goal is to make sure you look & feel you're very best"

We value disciplined execution of the promises with the word called bespoke. We take a few key measurements and of course Chinese Custom Tailor is always lives up to promises of providing custom fitted clothes to anyone, anywhere, anytime - in just a few weeks.

What We Do?

"Worried about taking measurements? Don't be!"

All you need is 15 to 20 Minutes and we ensure accuracy by double checking of all measurements. So if something seems off we give first priority to keep you stand with us. Whether you’re Big, Small, Short, Tall, Lean Muscular or Packing some temporary Ibs Our ideas of clothes will flawlessly make you fit.

Clients Testimonials

I just got Home a day ago and there was my parcel.
The Suit is exceptional, I am hugely impressed. The shirt is excellent too but the suit is very fine!
Thank you very much for this. I will most definitely order again.

David J.Runyon, CTFA Vice President,Financial Advisor, UK

I received the parcel yesterday.
The suit is awesome, I like it a lot! Thank you very much!

Frederik, Germany

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