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The unparalleled renown and prestige that www.cctailor.com has acquired amongst connoisseurs is not due solely to the perfection of the tailoring and the resources of knowledge and skill contained in the workshops.

111This undisputed supremacy also stems from the consistency with which the company has applied its philosophy of excellence ever since it was founded in 1962. That spirit is personified in top 3 values that have always represented the very essence of cctailor.com and will continue to do so for generations to come.

Why People like us?

Chinese Custom Tailor

The experience and expertise of Chinese Custom Tailor made an excellent offer suggestion for designing and making Custom Tailor Suits. Sometimes you may want a Stitched Suit, but above design in mind. Professional Custom Tailor have had the experience of designing different types of Custom Made Suits for different occasions. This experience allows them to achieve if the client is not specified.

Who We Are?

Custom Tailor Suits

We are highly qualified professional Bespoke Tailors in Hong Kong provides quality and sewing services at affordable and a reasonable period. The Chinese Custom Tailor Online shop has been found not only in the Country, but all over the World. Business and casual Tailor Made Suits and Shirts for Men and Women at Wedding Dresses and other Custom Stitched Suits.

What We Do?

Custom Stitched Suits

We make your Comfortable Clothes and give you a sense of Confidence. We Chinese Custom Tailor team with over 52 years of sewing experience. They know how to handle your needs. Our cost of adaptation is surprisingly less branded made their costumes. We prepare your order as soon as possible. Tell us about your needs, we will design clothes that you want to use.

Quality and fine workmanship

President Rustham Khan had but one goal:Today, more than ever, “quality” and “fine workmanship” remains- President of cctailor.com – personally stand by all the commitments embodied in the, the most exclusive of quality hallmarks.


As the product of an extraordinary amount of know-how and work, a cctailor.com's will fully retain or even increase its value over the years. It is an investment for the present and the future. Most of the wardrobe collection achieve cult status. The solid reputation amongst collectors and – especially – the great sentimental value that a cctailor.com's usually acquires in the eyes of its clients make each one a treasured addition to a personal assets


To provide a service in keeping with its reputation, works with a handpicked Masters in tailoring. The company believes that it has a duty to provide the highest standard of after-sales service, and has made this requirement a key criterion of the cctailor.com.


  •   A unique way of doing things unlike others.
  •   The way we custom and design, the only thing we will ever make.
  •   Precise’ is too imprecise for our attention to detail.
  •   Tradition’ is too conventional for the innovation we undertake.
  •   We explore, stitch and perfect fit. This is what we are perfect fit, tailored with the finest.
  •   There is no word for what we do.
  •   There is only a way.
  •   The cctailor.com's Way.

Chinese Custom Tailor

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